Thursday, 25 February 2010

The Admittance.

So, there we were, january was coming to an end and so was my tether. I'd been feeling like crap for a good few weeks now. I wouldn't eat, i wouldn't/couldn't get out of bed and i wanted-to-shoot-myself. In the end my dad dragged me to the doctors and told him this couldn't continue so help-me-god and before me and my bowels knew it, BANG, and i was in hospital again. (Admission date - 25.1.10) I'd already been told that i'd need surgery, the question was, when? It was all a bit of a un-needed kerfuffle really. My medical doctor had plans for me to have a PEG feeding tube for a couple of months to build my body up before surgery since i had lost so much weight but that plan was scrapped when i saw the surgeon and i was booked in to have a ileostomy 2 days later.

Surgery went well. Apparently it was a good job they'd done it sooner rather than later, i was all septic inside. Nice right? Developed a slight infection afterwards which was treated with IV antibiotics so meh, all well really.

I had an epidural for the pain but unfortunately it only worked on one side which was a bitch because they had to take it out and put me on a PCA. That helped but i still felt very sore. Getting out of bed the first time was frightening. Went well though and it was nice to sit in a chair and look like a human being, well, sort of. I had tubes in my neck, arms, stomach and a catheter placed, it's difficult to try and look normal under those circumstances.

I ended up being on the HDU for 10 days, 8 more than expected but hey, what can you do. All tubes out and infection under control and i was sent from the-place-that-gives-a-crap, to the-place-that-leaves-you-in-crap, the normal ward.


Why hello fellow bloggers, Rachael here.

I'll skip the whole story-of-my-life previous to this month shit. I'm pretty sure you dont give a damn and to be honest, it really wasn't all that interesting. You see i've had Crohn's since i was about 13 and i've never had the relief of not being in pain/rushing to the toilet since. I was put on an elemental diet for 6 weeks which meant no food, just boiled sweets and weak cordial. Yeah, fucking fantastic i know. That was a waste of time. I just ended up losing more weight/becoming depressed/still being in pain. Medication helped a bit although i never felt 100%, i never had the energy i should of done and i certainly never had the joys of eating what i liked.

Moving on a few years, still with pain and such and we get to January 2010...